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Skip Beat

I started watching Skip Beat and I like it so much!!!
The drama stayed to the manga very much..
Every character are like coming out straight from the manga.. Especially the LME director!!! That guy is so funny..

Siwon and Donghae from Super Junior play the male lead role... They are great too
Siwon as Ren Tsuruga, his character is so cool and Siwon is also a really cool guy..it fits so much.. One thing that bothering me is the age.. In the manga Ren ought to be a little bit older than Kyoko and Sho. But, it's just a small matter.
Donghae as Sho Fuwa, a childish and egoist character.. I enjoy it so much..

I really like this scene especially the costume and make up..

The girl who play Kyoko is very cute too.. She wasn't ashamed to act in the most silliest thing possible.. Every scene is beliavable.

I wonder if Japan would make this dorama too.. If so, who fit the role among Japanese actors?
I'm thinking the hot blooded Mizobata Junpei as Sho Fuwa would be very cute
MatsuJun can act as Ren Tsuruga... Is there another choice? I cannot think who else actor with perfect cool image whose age fit the role..
And for the Girl who play Kyoko Mogami maybe Oomasa Aya? (because I like her in Yamanade)


l'arc en ciel

2nd may 2012, laruku held a concert in Indonesia! It was part of their world tour...
One of my dreams came true... To think that Laruku was being in the same country as I am. I was so happy!!

Laruku is one of many thing that makes me fell in love with Japanese world. I grew up listening to their songs.

I hope they keep their promise to comeback here.. I made sure I will go to their concert then..


The New News

Yamapi and Nishikido leaving News....
I knew this was going to happen. Especially with Ryo-San. I always think that it must be really difficult to him to be in two groups. He had to work twice as many as other people. And I know that his heart is always be with Kanjani8.
In Yamapi case, I kind of feel it too. He succeed as solo singer, he even had solo concert, and he is one of the most popular Johnny's talent. But there was a little part of my heart that hope that he will always stay with News.

When they both leaving News, I thought that's the end of my fandom. News as four people is not interesting at all. I have to admitted that Yamapi and Ryo have a very big presence. But after a few days and after reading many comments from other News' fans, I start to have high expectation for Tegoshi, Massu, Koyama, and Shige. Many people said that News will be so strong in vocal since Tegomassu will now dominating. I have to agree with that. But I also think that Koyama and Shige have a good voice, especially Shige, he has unique voice. I really want to hear how they sound now.

I just hope that the new News will be given a lot of chance to show themselves. Tegomassu will release new album soon so I guess News' new activities will have to wait again, maybe until next year?

On the other hand, I will continue to support Ryo and Kanjani8, since I also love this silly group. But I don't like Yamapi as solo singer. His song is not my style. But, I like him as an actor, so I will probably just support him when he has new dorama or movie...

I hope for the best for News, Ryo, and Yamapi...

Immortal Song 2

I like this show very much. I like competition theme. Main vocalists from boy/girl band battle for pride in singing.
I always get cold hand watching this show because I also feel the tension when the bars go up.
I really like listening to the remake performance. The song that feel so old can change into much fun and recent song that I can enjoy.. The idols really do a great job.
There are a lot of my bias singing there: Yesung, Jonghyun, Hongki, Yoseob, KyuHyun. When they perform, I can't judge objectively because I pray hard that their lights won't go off. But I have to admit that the result is always proper.
Shin Dong Yup MC always says.. Choose the performance that moved you.. So the winner is not always the best singer but the singer who can live up the stage and connect with the audiences.
For the idols if he/she win it can bring good effect for their group, but if he/she doesn't get a good result, I'm worry that it will cause a bad prejudice against them. The risk is high.
I want to see SNSD's Taeyon or Big Bang's Daesung in this show, but maybe they are already 'too big' for this?

The Return of J-Dorama

The last dorama that I properly watch was maybe Yamanade and Troubleman. Since then, I was not interested to watch any Japanese dorama, either Johnny's boy is in it or not.. Because There were no story that made me interested enough to watch it..

But, now..
This summer..
There are so many dorama that I like to watch!!!
Like I said in my previous post, there are Ikemen Desu ne, Hana Kimi 2011, Ouran High School Host Club. I also started to watch Detective Conan which make me fall in love with Mizobata Junpei. There is also Arakawa Under the Bridge, because I'm curious about Shirota Yuu and Oguri Shun's role in this dorama. IS also look interesting because of its unusual theme. And last but not least is Jiu.. because I want to see Infinite's L and Tabe Mikako, I love these two..

Looks like my summer will be filled by watching J-dorama again ^_^, and I have no complain about that.. Hehehehe..

Summer Dorama

Ikemen desune, ouran kouko host bu, hana kimi 2011
This summer dorama.. There are many of it that have theme of girl disguise as boy..
Ouran has been my favorite manga, so I'm really looking forward to see the live action. I used to hope Johnny's will play the characters. I really want to see Chinen playing Honey-sempai!!! The image is so fit!!!
But with the recent cast, I was dissapointed at first. But now after I saw the preview, I think it will be interesting.. I hope Yamamoto-san doesn't hold up and play as silly as possible. The twin is cute and Honey sempai too.. I can't wait to watch!!!!!!

The Johnny's dorama will be Ikemen desu ne, the remake of Korean drama He is Beautiful. At first, I can't imagine Tamamori and Fujigaya play Hwang Tae Sung and Yong Hwa's character (I forget the name :P). But after I saw them in their costume, the image really change. I think they will be great..
As for Hikaru, I have no doubt of him. I believe he can play as Jeremy.. He always so funny and silly. One thing that amused me.. He and Hongki has same age but Hikaru really looks a lot younger.. Maybe it's because the hairstyle and the small (not muscular) body of Hikaru.. ‎​​‎​=DHaнaɑº°˚˘˚°º≈•=Dнaнaɑº°˚˘˚°º≈•=DHaнaɑº°˚˘˚°º≈•=Dнaнaɑº°˚˘˚°º≈•=DHaнaɑº°˚˘˚°º≈•‎​.

For HanaKimi 2011. I can't understand why they make the remake this fast. The original dorama still has a huge impact. The cast of the original dorama was so great it make me wonder if the new cast (Maeda Atsuko, Nakamura Aoi, etc) will be able to 'win' against them. I'm skeptical.. But I would love to watch it to see how good it will be compare to the original. And I hope they offer new things like different plot or.. Whatever..

My Workplace is Very Far

My workplace is very far.. it's 25 kms from my house and it take one and half hours to get there including the traffic jam.
Fortunately, I only have to come there three times a week and there is shuttle car so I don't have to drive myself. So the thing that I can do while traveling in car for 1.5 hours (3 hours round trip)is listening to the music.
I used to only have about 100 songs in my playlist and keep it for about 6 months before I get bored and renew it. And my playlist used to consist most by Johnny's song, esp NEWS. But now I'm hunger for new and different kind of songs to accompany me in my tedious journey.

So I try listening to CNBlue's First Step, ZEA lovability, Fukuyama Masaharu, U-Kiss' Bran New Kiss, Big Bang, and of course Johnny's new release like Tackey and Tsubasa's Trip and Treasure, Arashi's Lotus and Kat-tun.

I instantly like CNBlue's songs like 'I Don't Know Why', 'LOVE GIRL', 'One of a Kind', and of course 'Intuition'.

As for ZEA, I have to listen to it for a while before I started to like it. I like 'Here I Am' and 'Special Day'.

'Trip and Treasure' is so Japanese style. It's so much fun to listen to. I like Tackey's solo song very much.

I completely fall in love to U-Kiss new song '0330', the rhythm, the melody is so beautiful. I really really like it.

I think I will search for more fun songs to accompany me through my trip. I can't wait for Johhny's new release like Kat-tun's 'White', Kanjani 8, HSJ..
My long trip didn't seem far away anymore because of those songs.. I'm so grateful..hahahaha,,


New Fangirl-ing

I fall in love with Big Bang!!! Can I say I'm a new V.I.P...?

Ever since I saw Choi Seung Hyun a.k.a. T.O.P won newcomer actor on Blue Dragon award, I began to take notice on them.
T.O.P appearance on that award really impressed me. With white hair and purple suit, it sure gave a deep impact.

Actually I knew them before that. The dorama 'Ohitorisama', when I heard the soundtrack, I instantly fell in love with the song. It turns out that the song was 'Koe wo Kikasete' by Big Bang..

Earlier this year, G. Dragon and T.O.P released an album as a duet. Their charismatic performances really blown me away.. And not long after that they came back as a group. I got to know the rest of the member.. Taeyang, Daesung, Seungri..

I love the fact that they write and produce their own song.
I love how they do really well as a solo artist but really solid and get along well as a group.
I like when they do parodies of popular drama like BBF, Coffee Prince, Beethoven Virus, Secret Garden.. So silly and witty.
I like G. Dragon's style
I like Daesung's soothing voice
I like Seungri's dark circle (?)... Because I have it too..
I like Taeyang's smiling eyes and I like his solo song 'I Need a Girl'
And what I like the most are T.O.P's bass voice, his antagonist look, and his witty personality..


Akanishi Jin's song Eternal..

I like this song since the first time I heard Jin sang it..
Nice lyrics, great vocal, great melodies.
This song is definitely going to be one of my favorite song of all time

I just knew recently that this is not the first time Jin sang it.
I found a youtube video from YamaP concert in 2009. Jin came to the concert and he and YamaP did a special duet performance where they sang Eternal!!!

It just surprised me..

Japan is having a very difficult time these days.. I hope they will stay strong, stay together and finally overcome it.

Tegoshi and YamaP cosplay

I know Tegoshi was cosplaying as a girl again in NEWS Live!Live!Live! Concert. Therefore when I got my DVD that scene is one scene that I look forward to. But it turns out that scene is not included in the DVD.

But yesterday I found this youtube link

It contained the clip.
It's so funny..
YamaP escort Tegoshi on stage even hold his hand..
Koyama keeps laughing at them..
Ryo seems jealous (???)

Where did this clip taken from? I'm really curious..

Btw I love the concert. They sang live in almost every song. Although sometimes they were off-notes and off-times but still it was a splendid performances

One thing that disappointed me was the documentary. It wasn't as interesting as NEWS Diamond Party documentary. I think the documentary was too serious.